Friday, October 05, 2007

wot a fence

Here is our new fence with its iron palings/railings - doesn't it look pretty swish. I took some pics of Ian painting furiously yesterday morning before the iron men came but he wiped them off the camera. So I will have to wait until he finishes the rest of the painting. It certainly has changed its image. Front garden here we come but after London.

This is the new gate with a lock and the giant letterbox. Have to say that the silly postie opened the gate and stuck the mail through the back of the box this morning and STILL folded the envelopes even though the opening is more than big enough. Feel we are definitely on a losing battle with this guy. The stump is one of our Eucalyptus trees. Sad when they have to be chopped down but this one keeps trying to pop up again. We are the only house around here with lots of trees and they sure make a difference in the summer. I cry inside when they have to go and we pay a fortune when we have them trimmed but what is life without trees? Lots and lots of birds around this year and a resident magpie in our garden as well.

Thanks for your lovely comments, Susan. Look forward to meeting you at Ally Pally (and anyone else who comes). I do see my blog as a bit of a journal and if I only wrote about stitchy things, my family and non-stitchy friends wouldn't be impressed. I can refer people to the blog to see what we are doing, have been doing, and going to do.
I will be back with the stitchy stuff tomorrow - I have been playing with Evolon - spraying it with Moonshadow mists and stencilling over that and I will attack it with my soldering iron. Plus I have the work following the photo from the other day to finish off. I want to complete and a couple of other things before we leave on Tuesday. I still have some packaging to do. Jacinta sent some glorious mulberry silk/15 micron merino mix and it is quite yummy. I have a scarf a friend of hers has made for my display so we will be pretty colourful at the show.
Big weekend of rugby coming up with games at 9pm and 3am....... Little naps in between I fear.
But off to sit on the verandah and watch the world go by through our new rails!
By the way - if you want any stock you need to order by Monday - we will not be posting anything out after Monday until we get back on 26th October. Contrary to what some people think - there is no other staff to attend to your every need while we are away and when we lock the new gate on Tuesday only Bruce and Kazuko will have the key (so they can come and water).
And finally - we have got our new mobile phone today so we won't be the ONLY people in London without a mobile. Just have to remember to have it turned on.....

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful fence Dale & Ian.
I feel the same about trees around the home.
Have a great time away.
Kay in Tas.


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