Thursday, October 04, 2007

thursday stuff

Aussie Jo asked about Edges and Finishes - it's one of Val C-H's book - and one of my favourites. So much exciting information -it's usually by my bed for last minute reading before I go to sleep (along with a stack of other books). It has a great section on the flower stitcher and I always love the braids Val has made. She has another book I refer to a lot - Machine Embroidery Stitched Patterns and Machine Embroidery Stitched Techniques was what I used to teach myself free machine embroidery- sadly it is out of print.
I love Maggie's description of new feet for old - and if it brought Constance Howard back that would be something. I was lucky enough to meet her and talk to her when I went to London when I finished C and G Part 1.

On Sunday we went to the Egyptian exhbition at the art gallery here. It was excellent. I bought the catalogue as you couldn't draw or take notes. Triggered off a few new ideas for my Frescoes and Fragments workshop in Melbourne in January at the Embroiderers' Guild Summer School. Mostly in the fragment area.
My computer is driving me nuts. The ram is not available yet so I have different crashes every day. Word yesterday so I have had to transfer all my Playways files to the main computer so I can access them. Today it was firefox and pdf files.
But - our lovely new wrought iron is all installed in the front fence along with a very nice gate and a super large letterbox to hopefully please the grumpy postman. I took some photos this morning and will take some of it finished and pop them up tomorrow.
My creative work has been slow today but probably because the computer has been bugging me. Off to dinner with Eva and Malachy tonight but first a wine on the verandah to enjoy the handiwork. Ian had to get up early to paint the parts where the iron goes - he will finish it in the weekend.
Sadly my mother is not doing well at all and I think nearing the end. Unfortunately I cannot be there - I saw her last in February so good memories - she enjoyed my visit.


Susan Lenz said...

I just tried to leave you a nice, long message but Blogger seemed to have other, here I go again...

First, thank you ever so much for recently visiting my blog. I am truly honored. Also, forgive me for neglecting my reading for so long as to now not having enough time to read each and every word of your interesting posts. I do, however, really love the fact that your blog isn't entirely devoted to fiber and stitch but contains sports and landscaping and other areas of personal interest. I think it adds so much dimension to ones cyber also reflects a full and wonderful personality behind the words.

With this in mind, I look very forward to finally meeting you and Ian while we are all in London next week. I do hope that there is at least a few free second in which we can chat. That would really "make my trip"!

Aussie Jo said...

Thanks Dale, I have ordered the edges and finishes book from the library after reading ken Smith's put down of satin stitch edging.


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