Wednesday, October 03, 2007

rust and a few ideas

This is one of the pictures I took at the yacht club earlier this year - I am working on a piece around it mostly on the embellisher - should have it finished tomorrow. I love the blue that appears - in most of the rust stuff people are doing they don't have that blue - Jacinta has threads and fibres dyed under Warrandyte and I also am using my Autumn Victory rayon thread for machine stitching. It is interesting how you find colours which suit what you are doing and the little extra colour makes all the difference. Don't you love the rusty nail sticking up.
Nest door today at the flats being developed, they put in the iron sliding gates - our iron man is coming tomorrow to put in our iron thingies and our iron gate so Ian was out this afternoon painting the wall. Have some pics tomorrow. Customers coming complain that there is no No 6 on our gate but we are next to No 4 and we will have a new 6 before too long. At least the postman should stop whinging.
I am also playing with the new lutradur - it is called Evolon but it is like a fabric trying to be a paper or a paper trying to be a fabric. Soft to feel and great for stitching, printing and burning out. Should have something to show tomorrow. I am hoping to attack it with my soldering iron first.
When I was in Geelong at forum, Hilary asked me to come and show her how to fit and use her flower stitch foot - she has a Husqvarna Lily and we now know it works very well on that model.
However Hilary's flower stitcher is a really old one (probably an original) and she has agreed to swap it with me for a new one. It has all these extra bits and I would like to see how they work. When I get it from Hilary I will photograph it for you all to see. It's really great that Maggie has put a taster of Val C-H's flower stitch article up on Workshop on the Web
- I found that article particularly good and also Edges and Finishes has lots of great stuff on the flower stitcher using water soluble. I have sent my article to the Aust Machine Embroidery (and textile art in the title don't forget) and Yvonne tells me it will be in the January issue.
The other excitement is Quiltwow - Maggie's new Quilting zine. The taster is up for everyone to see. I am not, as most people know, a quilter (I made one once) but I can appreciate the fantastic extras that now engulf the quilting world. Do go and check it out.


Maggie Grey said...

Hey Dale

Love the idea of 'new feet for old' - do you think that if you rub it Constance Howard will appear?

Aussie Jo said...

Love the photo, can't wait to see the finished piece.
I was actually looking at a blog yesterday where somebody had overdyed a rust piece blue.
Is Edges and Finishes Maggie's??


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