Sunday, October 07, 2007

What can I say?

First - thanks for all of the lovely emails and comments about my mother. She had a good innings and if we all make it to 93 we will be doing well. I have so many things I want to do I need to about 293 to get half of them done. Just as well she didn't like rugby or she would have been gutted

Second - all the emails and comments about the rugby. We watched England beat the Wallabies - that was a shock but not such a worry for us (I felt sorry for the players though)- came home for a couple of hours sleep - back up 2.30am and off to watch the ABs vs France. We haven't recovered yet - maybe the ABs will never recover. I feel so sorry for the team and the coaching staff - it was the best chance they ever had - they have worked so hard for 4 years and to lose. So many of the players are off to Europe where they will make lots of money and what will happen in NZ who knows. For me - I hope the French win the cup - they played with plenty of passion and have always been my number 2 team.

Off to breakfast with Bruce and Kazuko - recuperation.

I will get back later with my embellisher/rust/stitch effort. Go see what Lynda from purple missus has been doing as well. And Maggie - she has been printing onto Lutradur. No time for me to try all of these things before Tuesday.


verobirdie said...

Sorry for the AB, and thanks for saying we are your second favorites :-). From the beginning of the plays, journalists have pointed that it was the reign of fair-play, with fans of both teams joining before and after the matches to celebrate. I would say it is the biggest victory of the championship.

Unknown said...

Commiserations Kiwis - but the most wonderful thing about rugby is how fans from all sides can get together after the match with no nastiness - the football (soccer) fraternity could learn lessons from that. btw I hadn't realised that NZ players were excluded from the ABs if they played anywhere else but NZ - interesting that some of them are even considering moving to Europe


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