Sunday, October 28, 2007

sanctimonious stuff

All the bags are unpacked and away in the cellar - the goodies have all been returned to their old or new homes - depending. The boxes from Geelong Forum have opened, emptied and everything put away (they arrived just before we left for London) so the bedroom looks like a real bedroom (as real as ours could ever look), the kitchen likewise and the lounge - well see the picture below. Many thanks to everyone who has emailed with welcome home notes - we feel like we are back with friends and we have only been away for less than 3 weeks.

A few of you have made comments about our eating on the floor on the new little carpet with our new big plates. It is a little like that - our sofas went away the morning we left to be recovered and they were sort of supposed to be ready when we got back but unfortunately the fabric hasn't arrived so we will have to wait a while. In the meantime we have brought in 2 of the deck chairs from outside and set oursleves up so it looks like we are still on holiday - on the table in front are our two lovely big plates - one in malachtite and the other lapis - highly appropriate to match those Moonshadow Mists you might say. Wait until you see the colour of our new sofas though - we have thrown caution to the wind this round. The canvas on the chairs doesn't exactly go with our beautiful rug (this is not what we bought in Marrakech - that one is in the studio already)

At Ally Pally, Pat
gave me a lovely ATC - thanks very much - I have added it to my growing collection.
Having completed nearly all the orders and done all the washing and checked out the garden - (I am pleased to report that the hydrangeas have recovered - I hope you are reading this, Val) I should be starting on my Marrakech Postcards for my workshop at Christopher Robin Quilts in Wanaka in Dec and a few other things which I have in my book to get on with. But - I started reading Ruth Lee's Contemporary Knitting book and rushed off to knit up some squares with the sari ribbon - I am going to play on the embellisher and stitch and stuff to create some big Indian postcards first. The scan is not marvellous but the sari ribbon has all sorts of hairy bits and the embellisher will have fun with this. Click on it to enlarge and you can see it much better. Off to play with that once Ian has sorted out what we are having for dinner.


Maggie Grey said...

Ruth Lee is great, isn't she - she has quite taken over the December Worshop on the Web. I've interviewed her and it is one of the most interesting we have had. She even tells how to make the wonderful Tyvek shoes.

I'm glad you like her book Dale - I think it will get even me knitting!

Mandi said...

Oh my word I can't believe what a wonderful site and blog you have ....only just starting going through it and will be following things profusly...have a lot of catching up to do that is for sure ...saw your webpage in cloth paper scissors that I bought from e-bay as I live in the Channel Islands we don't get this mag...we used to live in Perth awhile back...and visit most years ...wish you had been around with all your inspiration when we lived there....thank you for it will be hearing form me again...


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