Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last day in the northern hemisphere

Off to dinner with Annette, Terry and Grant tonight and flying off into the sky tomorrow - fingers crossed for our upgrade but it does sound like someone needs to bale out or die for us to get it. Never mind - be home on Friday. We went to York yesterday on the train and that was certainly a lovely day. Today was spent buying supplies and visiting the National Gallery.

We have 3 great new books - the two latest from Double Trouble and a particularly wonderful one from Alysn M-M on metals. I think this is the best one I have seen on using metals and was delighted to see it at Ally Pally.

Have done no stitching - the excuse being that the needle was too big, but I have done some drawing and stuff so all is not totally lost. Loads of ideas for when I get home. Just hope that the grape vines are still alive and well.........


Penny said...

The book sounds great, i had seen a bit about it so maybe another book for me! I will be glad when you are home, missed the chat and information and waiting for what you have to show us.
Sounds like a great time away, hope the trip home is ok.

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Dale,
Have a good safe flight home.
Good to see you at Ally Pally.

Anonymous said...

Will The Thread Studio carry The Lustr'ed Cloth by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden?


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