Wednesday, May 08, 2013

rain rain and more rain we hope

Today's photo -  I love these trees - we have loads around where we live - these ones are at the back of the stadium.

 Our little hire car about to enter its 4th week in our possession. Celebrated last night as Ian finally got the best possible price for the ha ha car by persistence. Our boys have life memories of long winded lectures from their father which Grant assures me he uses himself so the era will live on. These young guys at the end of the phone probably only have the one experience with Ian but will remember it all for a long time. Frank, our garage owner friend, is most impressed with the outcome. Now comes the boring part of car shopping - the 4th since 1978 when we came to Australia.

Rain we have had lots since late yesterday - lovely stuff indeed. Ian spent the afternoon on the roof clearing the gutters. Supposed to be a storm but we only had rain here. This morning the traffic was incredible and no doubt there were accidents as well. Down nearer town there was a collision and one car ended upside down. I nearly got wiped off the street by a car running a stop sign. Just as well this no birds car has good brakes.

The largest size of the gelli plates have arrived and i have ordered another case already. I am thinking i might use it myself. I thought it would be too big but maybe not.

I am auditioning (this seems to be the trendy new word for trying out) one of the new Stencil Girl Stencils (be on the web later today - lovely big ones) on the gelli plate with Opulent paints on my new hand painted open weave fabric(which I am also auditioning). Then I shall stamp and stuff and stitch in the next hour.

Harley hates the rain and is in her hide where I can with my back to the door mood.

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Heather said...

Glad you have some much needed rain - those beautiful trees will appreciate it. I hate to say it after last year but we could do with a bit too, though are still hankering after sunshine.
Hope you find a car to love - let Ian do the talking!
Your website has now become a thing of torture. Having got rid of so much stuff in my clearout, I am trying not to want any new stuff!


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