Thursday, May 23, 2013

nearly forgot!

I nearly forgot my picture posting tonight - Perth skyline - some lovely sunsets from our front garden at present. Makes a change from the sex workers - Smith Street was on the news the other night with our ladies of the night and the curb crawlers. At least we should feel safe - the area is riddled with police and rangers.

 I have some new paints I am trying, They are like the Sun Dyes only thicker and there will be 30 of them when they arrive. Very pleased with the result. I shall also have at thickener which you can add and I am looking forward to using that too.

 Today I did a stint at the craft show on the WAFTA stand. I didn't see anything at the show which I needed not even a new light bulb for my embellisher. Fortunately when I got home I found one in the tray. So now I can see. I changed all of the needles - I think you need to now and then but I still cannot get the replacement screw to fit the middle needle spot. This little piece is hand dyed cotton gauze on white merino wool. I haven't decided which side I will use.

I took a few of my little hand stitchy pieces with me and they received lots of interest which is what it is all about.

Today we decided to and signed up to go to Adelaide for the Sewing Stitching and Hand Craft Show 19th - 21st July at the Adelaide Showground. Hope if you are in the environs you will come and see us with all of our lovely stuff. 


Heather said...

The paints sound great and your little embellished piece looks so soft and fragile.
Hope the Adelaide show goes well for you and I also hope you don't have a red light over your front door!!!!

Amanda said...

Ooo it seems ages since I've commented on your blog! Mind you, as you may see in mine, I've been away so please forgive. (having some Rioja as I type).

Beautiful sunset, neighbours don't really matter when Mother gives a show like that. Still waiting for a slot to hoik out the embellisher again and make some base fabrics. I did layer a piece to take away though. :-)

Have fun at the show!

Robin Mac said...

Beautiful sunset Dale. the paints look interesting and I like the embellisher pieces. Cheers

Penny said...

Oh good I should be pretty mobile by then so see you both in July!

floozina said...

Both sides of the embellisher piece look great, but the 'wrong' side has more possibilities I think (just mho). Have you seen any of Arlee Barr's work? She is a Canadian artist and her stuff is simply amazing. Not nf just embroidery but she uses her own eco-dyed fabrics which offer some great opportunities.

I hadn't realised that Smith Street was at the 'sleazy' end of town . Must look at a map. I was born in Perth, and lived there for about 8 years so my memories are a bit vague. My mother used to talk about a street where the working girls hung out. Apparently it was legal in those days long ago, the police used to patrol for their protection more than anything and the girls were required to have regular health check ups. It must make for an interesting life for you, much better than safe and boring suburbia.


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