Monday, May 13, 2013

caged in and a little texture

Caged bird? Actually, the house on the corner is what we would call the junk yard house. A very nice lady used to live there before her son-in-law threw her out so no idea where she went. It was a bit of a junk yard before he moved in but now far far worse. Put your junk out and he collects it. I am not tall enough to look over the fence but Grant is and he assured me it wasn't worth my while popping up a ladder in order to see for myself. This is his front yard but let me assure you that there is junk everywhere.

Playing with sari ribbon and Le Scrunch to texture up some woven ribbon. Great result. I like to weave and I like to weave sari ribbon so there you are.

Ian has the exciting task of finding another car. We are not great shoppers.


Heather said...

If that's the front yard whatever is the inside of the house like.
Love the scrunched sari ribbon texture. The woven strips give a lovely edge.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Another cool idea for sari ribbon :-)


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