Monday, May 27, 2013

lovely little pumpkins

Lots of wonderful colour at the vegie shop today. We are going to have little pumpkin with our roast veal tonight. If you look for colour and texture then the fruit and vegetable section has it all. Plus great to draw.

Busy and exciting day today as Ian starts tying the e-mag together. I have been reading and reading each article. He has still to add back links and stuff and unpdf so we can fix a few errors and then repdf it all and finish a little more and add a little more colour and then video me (not my happiest moment but I shall brush my hair)

I had to laugh today when I read a big promotional ad for another business - are we trendsetters here or cutting edge here - or just honest toilers? Who knows but it is always worth a laugh.

Off to cook that pumpkin and its pals.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I'd say you are all three Dale. You are certainly cutting edge when it comes to the latest products and that must mean trendsetting too, and honest toilers? - definitely.
Love those little pumpkins - a treat for all the senses.


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