Saturday, May 18, 2013

hot stuff

I have 6 different chilli plants growing and we have had so many chillies it's been great. they are supposed to be from mild to hot but they are all hot to very hot - someone told me the dry summer and the long summer has meant that they are hotter at present. Lovely they are - like the basil, I like to run my fingers over them and smell the heat. I have just made a curry for dinner with one of each type included.

 I have been playing with Dorlands Wax as a resist on different surfaces. At the top i have applied it with a scraper and then scratched into it - and painted with Opulence paint which is nice and creamy like and the bottom is the print I have pulled. Lots of potential - we sell a lot of Dorlands wax but i haven't used it a lot myself and wanted to play with it.

I am also working on the free pdf which will be available to all subscribers to our e mag - yes getting closer - so I cannot show you what I am doing but I treated myself the very large gelli plate and am so pleased because it gives you plenty of space for bigger things. I have been playing with two of the new stencils from Stencil Girl - both designed by the talented Jane La Fazio

both very appropriate in Australia on a property where many eucalyptus trees grow. I have been making prints on different surfaces including Evolon because I love working with it and I plan to stitch etc etc.

We managed to watch the rugby without a fight even though the Hurricanes lost and later on the force lost - we didn't go to the game though - watched it at home on the telly.

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Heather said...

Such an interesting post with your samples using various products. I do like the stencils and know now that I shouldn't have given mine to my daughter!


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