Friday, March 12, 2010

very hot but not friendless now

It is 39 here today and we would rather like a day off like they get in Melbourne. Just a day of rain, wind and hail - that's all. Snow - but I don't think the locals would know what to do.

It has been a funny day - no emails in the morning so off to get the papers, coffee and a swim without reading a single email (apart from those to my gmail addresses). You really start feeling friendless when the spammers don't write. But we were busy as we had a few very large orders we hadn't finished and I had lots of packaging to do for them. However about 11am they started dribbling in - all over the place and now in the evening they are still coming in from all sorts of timeslots over the last 24 hours. I guess everything will fall into place before too long. I sent myself 2 pics of my sketchbook yesterday but only one has arrived which is here. This is where I have printed with my stitch and then stitched on my print and overimposed one of my Okarito photos. I wonder when the other one will arrive.

Watched the rugby at Grant's where his air con has not yet been installed. That should tell you most things.

Let's hope it cools down tomorrow. As Ian says - we are over it - and let's hope the emails get totally sorted. Have to say you get quite conditiioned to your system working properly.


Anonymous said...

I am watching the match now. It's so good to be able to see Dan and Kahui at the same time and I don't have to care about the score or whichever to win!!

Fulvia said...

I am not a spammer and I am here, Dale! What printer do you favour? Thanks.

Heather said...

Hope your emails get sorted soon. Your sketchbook page looks very interesting - great idea. Can't imagine having to play rugby in those temperatures - our teams have to cope with the other extremes. It's still very cold here in spite of spring flowers slowly emerging - hopefully we will both get the temperatures we crave before too long!

Doreen G said...

We are now into the cooler weather thank goodness--low 20's but it could still change at the drop of a hat.

Margaret said...

39C?! Is it humid there as well? I'm not sure I could tolerate that kind of heat.

Sue McB said...

Glad you are back online again - must have felt as if you had lost a leg! Both new mags have arrived safely - thanks. Sue McB

bitchinatstitchin said...

Brrr I dont miss those thin aired days we get along the southern edge of Oz. Although when the change comes in and the air has some 'body' finally that is pretty special. Is the Doctor on strike?

Aint technology grand? My ISP backlogged my email for about three days recently grrrrr.

Aussie Jo said...

I sympathise with you Dale, endless hot days are very draining.
We had lovely autumn weather last week, mid 20's, but it is going back up this week to the low 30's. Hopefully the worst is past as well as the extreme fire danger.
Your sketchbook page is lovely, very cool colours.


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