Wednesday, March 31, 2010

signing in on a wednesday

Don't know where the time has gone this week - we seem to have been very busy. Day starts quietly and I think I will get onto my stuff and important stuff like holey moley textures, writing the next workshop, getting the next product a month ready, working on my latest scheme etc etc - when all of a sudden after I hear the phone and fax go and then look at the inbox - and voila - there are heaps of orders. It has got hot again but at this stage we dare not turn on the aircon - when the sparkies came back to fix up the big blow they obviously rushed back to the office and sent off another huge bill - this time insurance I am sure.

We have had lots of new goodies arrive - above are one of the new Twiddleybitz - whimsy bird friends - they take colour really well - I use Starburst Sprays etc and then you get that lovely extra bit of mica shine.

Today also the complete range of Smooch Sprays arrived - they are the same as the little pots of Smooch - good for in your handbag - the photo seems to have turned upside down so if you turn on your head you can read the words... this is black cherry I think.

Then I did some more texture - my Holey Moley girls - I will send you the next file tomorrow - I just needed to finish the last wee bit. This pic looks like a sneaky sample to tease you.

Don't know how well you see this - maybe if you enlarge it - blonde moments - watch this space. If I said that to you what would you say (I don't mean blonde jokes or anything like that but just a couple of words) Best ones I like I will send you a parcel of goodies from The Thread Studio.

Then about 5pm this evening, late as usual, the latest quilting arts arrived. Just as well we have so many other excitements so we don't have to fuss when they are late - this time held up in customs for lack of paper work..... We might not get them all out until Tuesday, folks. There are so many to send that it does take me two days when we are so busy and I haven't quite finished the newsletter yet.

My leg - (sounds like something doesn't it?) My continuing thanks for all the emails and notes - I really appreciate it - thanks to Julie I went to a myotherapist (he deals with muscles and soft tissue and stuff and dry needles - how exciting) and apart from the bruises he has inflicted on me (no gain without pain) I am almost there - swimming is great (and walking in the pool), walking is almost right and I know longer have to stand up at restaurants. Plus I do my exercises religiously. I would rather not take drugs - prevention is much a better option - I do prefer my drugs to be only in glass and be red or white. So this is for Kenny - try a myotherapist.

Bruce is back home in Sapporo and he has created a wonderful slide show of his pilgrimage and a super sound track to accompany.

Off to dinner tonight with Val and Jim and Kathy. Finish newsletter first thing in morning. I have lamb shoulder waiting in the fridge to make a curry....


Maggi said...

Blonde moments? -story of my life!
Good news about your leg.

Penny said...

Blond moments? Sounds like the offer of another beer, but then I dont drink beer.
Glad the leg is getting better, will be off for a week, but look forward to tomorrows offering, looks a bit like a pine apple but I bet it isnt.
Like the twiddly birds.

lisa_crofts said...

I am not so sure it is a blonde moment but what comes to mind is the time i grabbed a recently used heat gun by the wrong end and burnt the palm of my hand. It was the night before i did a workshop with beryl taylor and i spent all night with my hand either in a bucket of iced water or packed with ice.

Janelle said...

Blonde moments - a muddled head? A trip to the hairdresser also comes to mind!

Dorothy said...

You having a blonde moment: the mind boggles!!! Like the look of the twiddly bits and don't take that the wrong way! Glad the leg is on the improve

Thimble Fingers said...

Hey Dale, great to hear you're feeling better with the leg, so glad I could help. Sometimes you recommend things and they don't always work for other people, but I'm so pleased it has worked for you. I know I'm like a new woman at the moment, and I'm sure others would agree, if you feel rotten you don't feel creative, and vice versa. Now I feel healthier I'm keener than ever to get cracking on creative stuff. I'm sure you feel the same.
Have a great easter.

Aussie Jo said...

Hmmm, I occasionally have a 'redhead' moment. As a REAL blonde I'm soooo grumpy about the reputation the fake ones have given us!!!!!

Jill R said...

Blonde Moments - reminds me of whoops should I really have done that? - oh well it worked out better than I expected.
Glad to hear that you are nearly better.

Jill R

Amanda said...

I have plenty of blonde moments, in a brunette kind of way!

Have a good Easter. :-)

Doreen G said...

My best blonde moment was forgetting my husbands birthday the first year we were married.
I did remember at lunchtime.
I also forgot 2 years ago but I remembered at 5pm.
The silly thing is that his birthday is 20 days after mine.
These days I can call them senior moments.

Diana said...

Blonde moments - is that the same as "senior moments"?!! In any case, they do say that blondes have more fun so go ahead Dale, have even MORE fun!!

Anonymous said...

Blonde moment.... I would say it si " Dale's secret ". Mayb e I am on the wrong track but then I would say that for me is a "senior moment" heheheh


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