Saturday, March 20, 2010

signing in on Saturday

Strange about the blog - seems some people can read it in Explorer but not everyone. Thanks for all the comments - I suppose it will sort itself out in good time. I like Firefox and have had it for quite some time - not sure why Ian uses Google Chrome but he likes it - he has Windows 7 and I am so deprived.

Busy week this week with a variety of things happening. We went to a fabulous ACO concert on Wed night - Diana Doherty was the guest and while I have heard her lots of times and have a couple of her cds, I have never seen her in action - her oboe playing was superb. Sadly the lady who usually sits next to us and we enjoy chatting to her - wasn't there - she is in a home but hopefully she will be able to come to the next concert in a wheel chair and see the ACO. One's health is so important. Plus thanks to all those who ask - all this swimming and wading through the water at the pool is doing me good - not sure about the leg - I never thought I would spend endless time with what seems like cramp in the calf.

Yesterday we watched a fabulous rugby game Blues vs Brumbies - sorry Canberra - it was a super result and Ranger was magical. This afternoon we have watched the Highlanders play the Sharks - what a shame for the Highlanders. The Hurricanes haven't had a good time in South Africa so I hope they can beat the Sharks next weekend at home. After our bbq which we are having very soon, we are off to watch the Force and see if they can win tonight.

This is my work station up in the studio - I am about to tidy it away for the next activity - creating texture for Holey Moley. My latest 2 on-line workshops have nearly finished but I will be offering Embellish Stitch Enrich and the new one Gilding the Lily starting in May. Plus I am hopeful to have Hot Needles, Cool Stitches (the next stage of embellish) ready by June - the brain is busy collating ideas and when the cami is finished I shall get into the stitchy stuff pretty fast.

I have started working on my camisole for my art to wear - deadline looming. Have abandoned the skirt and bolero temporarily because it seemed that this part was going to take quite some time. Here you can see how much I have stitched and then of course I broke the twin needle - I have a big sign I leave on the machine saying 'twin needle' to remind me that I need to push the button before I start whizzing up the flower stitcher, but that wasn't the problem. We were getting ready to rush off to the rugby yesterday and I stopped and yanked the Romeo and snap-a-do..... Anyone would think I had shares in the twin needle company. I am sure you can see I have a lot of stitching to do - needs to be size 10 and I am not sure how many centimetres that is with Kazuko being in Japan! How much around the body, Kaz?

Bruce is getting to the end of his pilgrimage - he was up to Temple 78 tonight and so 10 to go then he says he is off to Richard's to eat and drink all his stuff. If you can't see the links here try his blog - he is having quite an adventure. Plus a little crash.

Last thing today - since I introduced our Product of the Month early this month, I have been rather overwhelmed with the response and thanks to all the people who have emailed to say how much they are enjoying playing with the first one. I am working on month 2 at present so it will be ready to send out at the beginning of April. Whenever you start it will always be month 1. As usual my brain is too busy with ideas.

Finally - who are we listening to right now? Pink Martini - what an interesting group - we bought a cd titled Sympathique - Ian heard one of the songs on the radio - it is quite different from most of our other music and we are really enjoying it.


Heather said...

Hope the pain in your leg is getting less Dale - it must be horrid. Glad Bruce's crash was only little. Good job Kazuko is only size 10! - love the look of the flower stitching. I'm on the brink of getting an embellisher - very exciting - like jumping in the deep end!

Robin Mac said...

Wackydoo, I can at least read your blog again, even though there are no sidebars. I am sure it will all get sorted in time, and yes I am one of those thoroughly enjoying the product of the month. When this cyclone goes past I can get back to it. Cheers, Robin

Doreen G said...

I reckon Bruce will be so glad when it is all over but what an experience he is having.

Sheeprustler said...

I use Google Chrome and now the blog is back to normal for me, sidebars and all. I always break twin needles too, maybe we should all buy shares in the company! Tempted to get a flower stitcher for a long time, but then I think about all the needles I will break :(


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