Thursday, January 15, 2009

thursday at last

I have been very busy this week with 2 on-line classes starting. For Ratty Tatty Papers which began on Wednesday I had naturally left the last touches until the dead knoll so there we were on Tuesday night frantically coordinating words and pictures - good excuse to go eat a curry at GoGos at 9.3opm. After so many years of just touching deadlines it seems hard to change my spots.

I have posted to my Ratty Tatty Paper blogspot and will do so again tomorrow.

This lovely book arrived yesterday - I have just finished reading January. I am not sure if I really ever want to cease to roam though.

It's stinking hot again and not much sign of the sea breeze. We had a lovely bbq down by the river last night with Val and Jim - very still, peaceful and emjoyable.


Penny said...

I loved this book it was so beautifully illustrated and some how quite peaceful, but no I would love to roam more than I am able to! Been watching your weather and wondering why thank goodness we have still stayed relatively cool, guess it will catch us eventually but only one 40 + day was bearable.

Judy said...


A lovely little book! I would only stay put if forced to & I am so I enjoy other experiences. Cant imagine you and Ian staying put!


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