Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rust Pocket Book

page 3 of my rust pocket book - lots of stitching later - but I am pleased because it has that old rusty at the yacht club look. I am not sure why I stitched with a variegated thread though as by the time I attacked it with my heat gun, sprayed with Moonshadow Mist and rubbed with Shiva it didn't really matter..... I should have photographed it really as it is hard to see the texture.

The biggest excitement is the communication I have been having with my Moonshadow Mist manufacturer - I love the Starburst Stains but I don't like the daubers so she is making them with sprays and they are changing their name to Starburst Sprays - that's wonderful - what I do do is to use the tops from my used up Mists on the SS bottles. They have such wonderful colours and the very best part is that we are not paying for water to be sent around the world - we just add it at home.

Glory are playing down at the Perth Oval and I think from the noise that they are winning. Be a happy crowd tonight at the end of a very hot day.

Embellish Stitch Enrich on-line workshop starts tomorrow - I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful work they create. Ratty Tatty Papers starts on Wednesday but I am still playing with paper napkins - will have to stop tomorrow though.


HDD said...

This little pocket book is very fascinating collection. how have you stitched this one? Are ther actually any pockets inthem??
20/20 cricket wasn't bad tonight either
Heather Mc

Doreen G said...

Gee you are a glutten for punishment 2 new classes in one week

maggi said...

The rust effect is really effective. Looking forward to Wednesday

KaiteM. said...

it's certainly very rusty Dale, and i can see some of the variegated thread. More piccies of metals please. Your Super Foil folds well for origami. K.

solange bonnet said...

What a great blog!! You are so talented.

lesley said...

Hi There. What a wonderful blog you have. I've just had a lovely time browsing through it. What beautiful inspiring textile creations. xx


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