Sunday, January 04, 2009

Book Giveaway

On our website we are having a Big Book Clearance Sale and here on my blog I have books to give away. If you are in Perth and want to come and collect feel free but if you are somewhere else you will have to pay the actual postage (or they can be included in with your normal order of course). I have decided that 2009 is my year to do some culling with a bit of the use it or lose it atmosphere. I really am trying to isolate my interests - ha ha - but I do know that I have moved on from some things - it may be that I never moved into them, just bought the books. So here is my list - email me if you want any of them. They are all good books in good condition.

Applique Art - Stewart Merrett - gone
Couture - The Art of Fine Sewing - Roberta Carr - gone
Dyes and Paints - Erin Noble -gone
SkyDyes - Mickey Lawler - gone
Quilted Seascapes - Ginny Eckley - gone
Anatomy of a Doll - Susanna Oroyan gone
Creative Clay Jewellery - Leslie Diercks - gone
Suns and Moons - Lindsay Porter- gone
Beading - Gabi Tubbs - gone
Terrific Textures - Jackie Dodson and Jan Saunders - gone
Applique the Ann Boyce Way - gone
Serging Garments in Minutes - Tammy Young and Naomi Baker - gone

and I have 2 thrfold 1 journals - all the pages are there but some are upside down but if that doesn't worry you then it's okay. They both have the cds included.

I also have my Husqvarna Orchidea sewing machine for sale. It is a fabulous machine with all sorts of extras - embroidery unit, many feet etc but I will never use it as I have my lovely Designer SE. I do want $500 for it though in cash and I will have it serviced with David from Bestway in Willetton for whoever buys it. No offers - I will keep it if it doesn't sell.

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PAMELA said...

Your Orchidea is extremely well priced - what great value this would be to someone needing such a machine. People I know who own them love them. Good luck finding a new home for a lucky person.
Cheers, Pamela


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