Monday, January 05, 2009

Cyber Fiber Exhibition

Do visit Cyber Fiber Exhibition
- Susan Lenz has done the most incredible job. I only wish I could go see in person.

Well the free books have been very popular -I haven't put the gone on the last few but I do have people wanting them - just waiting to hear back. I am glad they are all going to good new homes. I have actually found a few more but I will keep them for a week or so.

How's this for a family photo? Max, Annette, Ian and Ken - now who looks to be the most frivolous? I cannot imagine.

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HDD said...

The Cyber Fibre displays look great. It amazes me how much detail some people can get on ATC & Postcards. They are all absolutley amazing, all individual and such variety.
Are you insinuating it is Ian that is frivolous?
Heather Mc


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