Sunday, January 25, 2009

bit more Stonehaven playing

We have had quite a relaxing day today - watching the Australian Open, going to get plants and stuff and walking up the road for coffee and I have been working away on the next Ratty Tatty Papers lesson with my favourite fabric - Tissutex - here is a playing with silk fibres bonded to Tissutex the medium method. I still have to stitch on it but the fact that Tissutex has wet strength means it can take water without a worry - it is a conservation paper and then it is great to stitch into. I scanned it but at some stage I will do some photos. The middle part is the straggly sericen fibres and the outsides are noils - I have sort of half sprayed them with soem colour - needs further attention.

I also made a little off-beat hexagon book - no point in being perfect in your shape.

There is nobody much around - I think they have all left town for the long weekend. We love it when there are long weekends as it is nice and quiet without much traffic or people.


Heather said...

I do love your Stonehaven pieces - they are so inspiring. Looking forward to seeing the hexagon book. I have some Tissutex somewhere and must have a play with it. I have some Kozo fibres which might work with it. Happy Australia Day tomorrow and enjoy the rugby.

maggi said...

The texture on the Tissutex looks great. Hope you enjoyed the rugby and look forward to seeing the hexagon book.

cowpaddocksjulie said...

I am really loving these rich colours and textures of these latest pieces. It makes you really want to touch them. Can't wait to see more.


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