Sunday, January 29, 2017

Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees

 I was privileged to be asked to tutor at the South Australian Embroiderers Guild Summer School - such a wonderful groups of people. The first workshop was Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees and for me, the first of two things. I wrote extensive notes and made comprehensive kits. I have a thing about both - notes usually mean people don't listen and for me -  I change my mind as I go - and kits I feel restrict people. However I was pleasantly surprised and prepared to admit it worked. In this class the notes meant people could refer to them and not have to ask me - detailed points I guess. The kits meant they didn't have to bring the entire house although a couple almost managed it. I was really delighted at the results and have many photos to share because they all worked so hard.

Eucalyptus leaves were our leaves - and there are so many colours and shapes so there was plenty to work on and with. Easily be many of the other trees in the world.
We made backgrounds and cords and many different leaves. Here is some of the wonderful work.

Lots of interesting backgrounds - printing - stencils etc - we worked on calico and hessian

Then loads of leaves...

 Leaves of all sorts - water soluble (Romeo) - paint - print - stencils - compressed sponge (we LOVED it) - layering and burning (I think we LOVED that too) and more

 Sheana went for a different colour

 and Jenny stitched all in white and coloured later
Thank you to all of the class - and they were busy as for 2 days.


Jenny F said...

What tremendous fun you all must have had to produce such amazing results. When are you coming to Canberra?

Helen said...

I just completed something sort of similar but a much bigger scale leaf.

Heather said...

I almost missed this post. Another wonderful workshop - leaves and trees are two of my favourite subjects and your students have done you proud again.


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