Monday, January 02, 2017

a little hexie fun

A few month's ago I got a little obsessed with these hexie things. Had never heard of them until Shelagh told me it was something I should play with - so I bought a packet of fusible paper stuff and duly printed out a page of hexies - with the marking and stuff on them.I scanned some of my stitched work, my drawings, my collections and printed them out onto the printed paper. Of course I did not read the instructions and discovered you actually are supposed to iron the printed sheet to the back of the fabric and cut it out. I thought that was a little boring so I carried on as you do. Added stitch and stuff - and I will explore this particular family heirloom a little more before too long. I am afraid you won't see me creating a beautiful hexie what not like all the ones I have seen. it does seem to be a bit of a craze. 

I have, however, bought some hexie dies in a sale and can see they might have some use as well. Silly to just buy one size I thought.

I needed to test them out and found some Evolon all coloured and sun dyed with a stencil and stones and stitched them on a page for my Sea book. 

 I also cut some from a fabric I made some time back and will think about what I might do with this. It's all layered stitched and the tops burnt.

For good measure I cut some shapes in abaca paper for layering - I have a plan for this idea but may move to larger sizes to make life a little easier. i am working on an idea for something at the beginning of April. Let's see if I get there.

 This ia a favourite piece I made some time back

 I photographed part of it

 Printed it on paper - you can see it is a little lighter

and printed it again onto the sheets of fusible paper with the hexie pattern on it (I have a large packet of sheets) Then I cut it up and applied it to one of my newspaper - scrim - stitched backgrounds like the one below

It's all about exploring a theme and the possibilities. You will never know what might happen if you don't try.


Lexa said...

This is like watching you create art, the photos and story are so good. Never thought of hexies. But I do love your spiral/circle stitching!!

Heather said...

You are so innovative Dale. I always love your stitchy pieces and you have brought hexies into the 21st century. Such clever ideas and beautiful results.

liniecat said...

Shelaghs right to suggest them to you,
Hexis do rule
and you've proved it even more lol
Stunning results


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