Sunday, January 29, 2017

Old Doors and Openings


 The second 2 day workshop I taught in Adelaide was Old Doors and Openings and once again I provided comprehensive notes and a kit. I was really thrilled at the results of this class. We spent day 1 creating heaps of textured pages ready to use on day 2 for constructing our pieces. Not just doors but surrounds and openings. Openings and the possibility of what is behind the opening is to me a great concept - the mysteries of what lies beyond. Karen's work at the top is so very effective - I loved it - but I loved them all. Some naughty people had packed up before we got to view - I am pretty hopeless and making them stop half hour early for compulsory look see but then - some people don't wish to take part in this exercise and I guess it is their right - they have paid the money. It was a very big class and a wee tad squashed so I was clearing my own desk as fast as I could for display.And my apologies for not knowing who owned which pieces but do enjoy them.

 We played with brown paper bags - paper napkins - kunin felt - water solouble (Romeo) - foils - abaca paper - and more

 loved this one - Sheana had some very old lace in tatters which she left for others to use

and this one

 and I do know this is Pam's

 and I am sorry I cannot remember her name but this lady was quietly super efficiently and creatively working away to create these beauties.

 The embossed kunin felt works a treat

 love Catherine's embossed supa foil

 Fran's - you can't see it so well but I coveted her melting fabric

 Can't remember her name and it had been packed away but I persuaded her to bring it out - loved it - there are steps to go at the bottom of the door

Sheana was busy

and I love the way this one is progressing

It was so lovely to catch up with Vicki who came from NSW (not just to see me though) and this is her work which is super wonderful

So - a great workshop - I was bowled over by the creative juices flowing - they seemed to be working early and late - I had lots of laughs at night and I am working on my offering for 2019 - shall it be Medieval - Paris - Morocco - or? and yes notes and a kit


Unknown said...

Hi Dale
Thanks for a wonderful class. You are an amazing teacher.

Frederika said...

Looks lovely

Heather said...

What a great workshop and fantastic results.

Helen said...

Can you find a little room to run some workshops out of your Perth studio (and no doubt sell us lots more goodies at the same time!)

Unknown said...

Such beautiful work, very inspiring! I'd love you to come to NSW and hold some workshops, it would be a lot of fun ��


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