Saturday, March 02, 2013

playing with the gelli plate and....

 Thought I would play with my Gelli Plate today because after waiting since November, the fabulous Catatlyst Wedges rocked up. I spooned on some Opulence paint - it is acrylic and packed with pigment and mica and always my favourite (and it is made in Australia) - then I used the wedges to make marks. Yummy.

You can see the wonderful shapes you can get - I didn't cover the whole surface with paint and I also sprayed the surface with water first just to see how it went. There are lots of people doing lots of things with the Gelli Plates but I think I have said before, you have to see how things work for you. It is only a tool, after all, and the art comes from how you use the tool. Tools are only a means to an end.

My surface all ready for action. I used Evolon to work on - Evolon is the most fabulous fabric I have ever used. Soft and feels like suede - easy to hand and machine onto - takes colour so well - doesn't fray and you can carve it with the Versa Tool. What more could a girl want.

Lay the fabric down and use your fingers to smooth it onto the surface. Kinda sensual like. And you can see that the back of the fabric is going to be okay as well. Means you can use both sides.

then I spooned more paint onto the plate and swished it around. I didn't roll it much, just used the plastic spoon to move it about.

And I sprayed some water as well.

Another great thing I like to use for mark making on any surface. Carving stamps seems to be the 'in'
 thing at the moment. I am too lazy to do this but I do like my own stamps. So I stitch them - stitch stitches onto foam and use them to print with. Many possibilities and I just wash them out when finished - some are 3 -4 years old now and still going well.

You can see the marks on the plate - I use this method on all sorts of surfaces - sometimes it is subtle and others more prominent. And usually I stitch to complement. Sometimes I print my stitching out as well for backgrounds. Many possibilities.

 I ran out of taking photos after that but above are two of my pieces not particularly good colours - I sprayed over the surface afterwards and trust me the colours are rich and sparkling with mica. And lots of layering.

 This is another layered print using the Gelli Plate - it is a very popular tool at present - I like it because it is easy to clean and use and goes back in its container and i haven't lost it yet. You could work on a sheet of glass or perspex and plenty of people do but on the other hand, we are selling plenty of these plates and I am so pleased that the wedges are here - I have just placed a second order. I knew they would be great.

Finally - clean up papers - you know these are from my precious Qantas Club stash. So fabulous for stitching on as well as everything else.

We have had a rugby feast this weekend - not so happy for the Hurricanes but it will happen pretty soon. Maybe they will wipe the Crusaders out next Friday.

We have just sent out the newsletter so I hope everyone has received it okay. In between all the rugby.....


Carol R. Eaton Designs said...

Thanks for sharing your great tips! I've never seen anyone stitch a stamp before - very creative!

DVArtist said...

Very cleaver. Thanks for sharing this.

Heather said...

I do like the look of Gelli plates but haven't time to try anything new right now. Love your stitched blocks - what a great idea - and your clean up papers are gorgeous. Clever lady.

Amanda said...

Despite your encouragement I think I have too much already on my Gelli plate! Lol

I've made quite a few of my own stamps, love your idea of the stitched ones though. May pinch that.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Great to see your experiments. I LOVE the stitching idea for stamps :-)


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