Saturday, March 16, 2013

diverting myself with transfers

 Exciting rugby last night - Hurricanes beat the Highlanders. Close running games when two teams are desperate to win are always exciting to watch. Even the Waratahs vs Cheetahs game was exciting. First Tahs game I haven't fallen asleep. Wonder if the Crusaders can win today?

The rain did its day and is back to a non-issue but at least the garden had a happy day and we enjoyed it being cooler yesterday. I can almost start looking through the wardrobe for different clothes. When the temp is slightly cooler outside the swimming pool water seems very warm.

I thought I would frame up my little Marrakesh transfer. I am really pleased with the new method I am exploring - a little fiddly but slightly clearer and crisper than the webbing method I like. I personally prefer the slightly esoteric effects rather the very crisp clear copies. And being able to use glossy mags I collect means an excuse to collect more when we are away.

This one is on tissutex - one of my favourite 'fabrics' to work on. It is at the markets in Broome at the soap stand where we get our soaps which we love to use. It is a fiddlier process and I wasn't sure if tissutex would work but I am very pleased and will explore heaps more.

Back to work - loads to do today and some more rugby to watch.....


Heather said...

Your transfer experiments are a great success - something else I would like to try if I live long enough!!
We've had more rain and really don't need it. The ground will never dry out enough to work on at this rate, but at least it is less cold.

Robin Mac said...

Interesting transfers Dale. I agree with Heather, will need to live a long time to keep trying out all these new ideas! I'm glad you got some useful rain. Cheers

Amanda said...

So you got the rain I sent, could you push the sun up a bit faster? :-).


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