Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Evenings out with friends always good

We received a big shipment of mulberry bark - think I have mentioned it - it came to Perth, went back and came again. So from November on I had been waiting. Some of the pieces are HUGE and some are small - so we are now selling the bleached bark by the weight - very generous weighing down though but needed to in order to make it fair. Still wonderful value. I sprayed part of one piece with Starburst Sprays and made a little book, adding some silk rods and silk pods. It takes colour very well and of course can be dyed easily but I prefer to not dye. i sprayed the rods and pods too.

The other night we went to a new restaurant with old friends and new ones to the Nishi Japanese Restaurant south of the river - long trip for us! The food was great and the company excellent. We sat at the teppanyaki table and had a charming boy cooking for us. Very nice owners as well.

Our new e-mag is falling into place I am pleased to say. All articles bar one are written - most of the creations are done and next up the photos. Hoping to be ready by the beginning of April or not long after. Very exciting.

If you have been to our house shopping - you will know we keep the flimsies in the hall - of course this morning they all fell off and gave Harley one big fright. At least it makes me tidy everything up!

Thanks for all the lovely messages for Rae - and the emails.  Whenever anyone dies, it leaves a big hole in our lives. We all think we are invincible. On with the swimming.

Tomorrow night I am off to Albany for three days to the encaustic workshop, looking forward to it but not organised at all of course. 


Heather said...

I love your little book and hope Harley has recovered from her flimsie shock. Enjoy your workshop.

Robin Mac said...

You are probably on your way to the workshop by now, have a good time and show us your creations when you return. that mulberry bark book looks wonderful. Cheers


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