Saturday, March 09, 2013

Oh boy the Internet can be frustrating

The Internet - or rather the email department - has been driving us a bit nuts since Thursday. Our server has been having mega problems and while it is working again, mails are dribbling in from Wednesday night - I have been telling people to email me at my gmail addy - then I have to send them from my I phone to Ian so he can print them out. Got all the orders we collected, out last night but then some more have appeared and they will go on Monday. My apologies to anyone who has not heard back from me - just try again. I know I sent emails on Wed night which have only just arrived. Don't we just rely on it all but I do learn to work around it.

I have been stitching wee houses with my lovely new flimsies and have a short offer on Facebook for anyone interested. I do love the new colours.

We have, of course, been having lovely bbqs and my favourite thing is to experiment with salads. This is fig filled with basil and goats cheese and wrapped with prosciutto - I have popped the recipe in the tag at the top of the page.

We had a green salad to go - this one of my lovely bowls we bought in Marrakesh - we went up the Atlas Mountains and came down with a carpet and two beautiful bowls - pretty sure I carried them back as hand luggage.

Finished a piece for one of the articles for our exiting new e-mag. I am pleased with how it is falling into place - lots of work and I am creating new pieces. Do go like the fb page and see how we grow and if you haven't had. Look at the blog, click on the tab at the top for the link.
Today is WA sate elections. What a bore fest - and if you don't vote they fine you. Voting should be voluntary and when you do go, you have to tramp past all this garbage.
Much more important - the Hurricanes won their game against the Crusaders yesterday - fabulous stuff indeed.


Amanda said...

Nice looking salads! I only bought a fabulous tablecloth back from Marrakesh. Oh and a poorley tummy that took six months to recover from.

So looking forward to the TiF launch!

Heather said...

Love your little houses and the stitched piece. Those salads look delicious as well as healthy.
I flew back from a holiday on Crete clutching a bag full of ceramics!

Maggi said...

Love your houses and the stitched piece. Hope your internet is behaving. Amazing that a democracy can actually force you to vote.


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