Monday, September 26, 2011

monday monday

a myriad of little jobs done today and goodness knows where the time went. I am waiting for a shipment of Moonglow Sprays which has been held up and also for my flower stitchers - the saga of this delivery. First shipment to to the UK - second shipment is anyone's guess and the third is due tomorrow. Sorry for all the people waiting but we will get them out as soon as they do appear. What did arrive though, was the latest Quilting Arts and I really loved seeing an article on Susan Lenz' fabulous work (and not just because she buys her chiffon scarves from me either...) - we got most of these done and away and the remainder will go tomorrow.

When I was opening up all the boxes I discovered that Stitch was in with the QA so we sent out all of these too. I hope to have a read of both mags tonight. We do have a few spare copies of both if anyone wants one.

It has rained off and on all day and while I am typing now it is pouring down. Very good for the new kangaroo paws and all the herbs and little vegies we planted yesterday.


Heather said...

Goodo! I might get my copy of QA this week. I reckon you could pack and unpack boxes in your sleep!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Got my Quilting Arts and haven't put it down yet. Love a copy of Stitch if you have time will send email.


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