Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Monday

Yesterday we went to Goomalling - it's okay - I had to look it up on google too. Going east past Northam. I was invited to judge Humble Fibres, Vivid Creations - the Goomalling Art Awards - I felt honoured and humbled to be asked - not sure how well qualified I am for this but it was a lovely day and as well as a good drive to somewhere new, we had a lovely lunch and also got to visit Cathy's wonderful shop - Regal and Rustic - do go visit if you are in Goomalling. I love the colour and the goodies Cathy is selling and in fact I think it has inspired my new theme which is going to emanate from our post Ally Pally holiday but more about that later. Here are some photos Ian took - very much a last frontier!

In NZ we called into the longest swingbridge in NZ and paid $5 to walk over it and a little further. I don't mind heights but I hate swingy bridges so was not happy at all about walking across.

Just a couple of pages from my Okarito/Stonehaven journal which is nearly finished after a year. Time to move on to something new and quite different but still a way to go. I am rather determined to fill it totally and to finish my stitchy book which needs binding together etc.

One of my US suppliers has very generously sent my shipment to UK - I am not impressed.....

We have been enjoying the rugby - Japan was magnificent, Wales got done in and the Brits look like they forgot their real shirts and had to buy cheap tape for the numbers which seem to peel off easily. Nothing further until Wednesday!


Heather said...

Great photos - I love those wonderful trees and your sketchbook pages. Don't think I'd like crossing that swinging bridge either. I hope the England team are allowed to wear their usual kit in their next World Cup game. Also hope you don't have to wait too long for the US supplies to finish their round the world trip!

Amanda said...

I couldn't even go near that bridge! I think you are more than brave.

I do believe the All Blacks had a white change kit not too long ago so perhaps someone was turning the tables. And as for the numbers!! I hope whomever designed them is running and hiding for cover!!

Julie said...

Did you say Ally Pally? I think I'm going to come! :-) I don't think you would have got me on that swingy bridge either.

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Hi Dale,
I see that people live in very different conditions, such as the end of the world, the conditions for life tough, beautiful nature, but this bridge is not for me, I would have to go unless it, but they are a good place where you can still live a quiet, you had fun visit,
I greet you,


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