Monday, September 05, 2011

drowning in parcels

Very busy day today - that always happens when we go away so that we forget we have been... We have been drowning in parcels - this yummy one is my parcel of brushes I ordered from UK ages ago - I think they have been languishing under Grant's desk but I am very grateful he did send them. They were as cheap as chips but something ridiculous to have sent to OZ.

The QA Gifts turned up and we will send them out tomorrow along with the latest Embellish - I have another article in it which reminded me that I have a deadline for the next one on Friday. Tiger for punishment.
Other exciting goodies which appeared were 35 new Stylish Stencils - I haven't had time to fossick inside for some for me yet. Plus rust treated fabric for inkjet printing - something rather new - shall have to test hat too. I also have samples of another new fabric I need to find time to play with - maybe cut out sleeping for a day or two. And I know a few people are waiting - the blooms have arrived to make the Linda Bloomies - just hang in there and everything will be on the web pretty soon. As well as that Jacinta sent a huge bag of wondrous fibres - always a delight to open a bag of beautiful dyeing.

I have my Okarito stuff out as I am going to finish it all and close it off - I collected quite a few black paper napkins in New Zealand and I have done a rubbing of my favourite stone (yes it is large and heavy) I collected in Okarito last year. You would be amazed to hear that there are stones in my handbag - must take them out. I want to do some stitching from this.

Two piccies from NZ - this is day 1 when we flew out of Wellington to go to Blenheim - the city looks huge.
and here we are having circled around (probably past our old house in Glenside) and off we go across the strait. you can see the little wing - only held 20 people and took 15 minutes or so.

For my holey moleys - we will be ready tomorrow - I need to go off and get the mushrooms right now.


Heather said...

I would love to be there when you open Jacinta's parcel of dyed fibres. That's a wonderful stone - it's perfectly normal to have stones, etc., in your handbag Dale. Don't work, or play, too hard or you'll need to go away again! Great pics.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Greetings from Tunisia! Just stopped by from Quilter Blogs to enjoy your work and your photos while trying to beat the heat. Lovely work!
best, nadia

MulticoloredPieces said...

What am I saying? Stopped by from Artful Quilters Web Ring! Obviously, the heat has already gotten to me! best, nadia


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