Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have spent the day knee deep in Valdani threads. Now we are the distributor it means huge numbers rolling in so I spent most of the day sorting them into a semblance of sorts. Meant I had to clean lots of stuff off the shelves in our office (aka my old studio) - Ian is always delighted when I actually turf something. Most of it I simply moved up to the top shelf figuring I don't want to store stock up there. I am 6 TASTs behind so this weekend I shall use some of the perle 8s and catch up. If Sharon reads this, I have decided to create a sample book for all the stitches so will have to back pedal and do some again. Should have been smart enough to think of that at the time.

Grant is back in London and sent me a new link for pics of the Bridge to Bridge in San Francisco which I knew everyone would love to see. This is the winner

Here is the De Longhi team

Here they are in their glory - Grant Simon and Chris

Just a great shot

DeLonghi pipped at the post

The Aussie DeLonghi

Not DeLonghi but what a great exhilerating moment.

Leanne - I had to laugh at your suggestion of a plank. The skip is still outside and I looked out trying to imagine it. I think we would be rolling around laughing too much. Ian says why didn't you tell us that before we started loading!
The Digitwise course I am doing - it is a 10 module correspondence - not on the net. It is for Generations programme.
Tonight we are off to Gogos with Luigi and Martien. They are off on holiday soon.

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Leanne said...

I've always been good at suggestions after the should see me at Trivial Pursuits nights....


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