Monday, August 27, 2007

San Francisco

I have never been to San Francisco (I have never been to the US) but Grant goes every year for 18ft skiff sailing and says it is a great place. This is the Bridge to Bridge race - from memory it invariably blows a lot for this event and often they don't finish but here is De Longhi tonking along nicely with the white kite up.

And here is another shot of them sailing. A long way on from little mudlarks on the Swan River.

We spent a lot of the weekend filling our skip and I will post some pics to prove it later on when the camera loader onto the computer wakes up - looks much better out there but a few more skips to go. I meant to mention that on Friday I misread the bedside clock and got up at 5am instead of 6am. Not sure I got much extra done though.
Penny - give me a break! Just play with all of your inks and stuff and you will love all the results. My ink book is filling up nicely and I have added my notes for a reference. You will be able to see some of the things I have done in my next book which should be out early next year. Yes I am crazy and I am working on the next one.
The newsletter finally went out to every one on the list and it seems lots of you hadn't signed up on our website. I promise to write a newsletter more often.......
Only 12 days to go to the start of the Rugby World Cup.....

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