Thursday, February 09, 2006

'nother H house page

This is the back of yesterday's page - you should be able to see a self portrait if H but it hasn't scanned very well. Never mind - the surrounds are knitted rayon bonded to a surface and stitched and burnt out. I like working this method and like to think of it as mine but I notice a few people have taken up on it.

Matching paints for the studio this morning - getting there. Norm, the builder, was around to see the painter at work - as are we all....... - maybe tomorrow.

I have finally unpacked all the stuff from Melbourne Quilt Show so should be able to get on with my own work next.

Just enjoying a lovely curry left over from last night first.

1 comment:

MargaretR said...

The back is lovely Dale. Very unusual, people soon pick up on new things don't they? Thing is we all want to try everything going!
Hope you enjoyed your curry.
I've just finished my breakfast here in the UK.


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