Friday, August 24, 2018

New Zealand in July part 1

 In July we went to Nelson in New Zealand where I was teaching at the NZ Embroiderers Conference and we were also trading. It was a great week and we started it with a flight from Auckland to Wellington and then to Nelson on a beautiful day

 We stayed up on the hill at Tahunanui - good memories for Ian as he spent his Christmas holidays there at the camping grounds every year

 The view from the balcony at A and T's house - they were not there and generously let us stay

 We had a couple of great meals at the Boatshed Cafe (NZ flounder of course) which was recently re-opened after the storms. Great place

 One morning we woke to cloud cover in the valley - it was certainly crisp in the mornings and cold at night - but when the sun came out.....

 We traded on the Friday Saturday and Sunday and indeed right through but on Monday and Tuesday I taught my workshop - Seeing the Leaves through the Trees - to a lovely group of people - here they are working away and and always, my table is the super messy one.

 More people at work.

 Here I am showing the class how to put their books together - they worked really well and there were some wonderful pages being created. I was impressed with how much they did in the two days - I know that I am not a prolific person in a workshop - I tend to sit and think and ponder on things

Below are some of the pages created, samples made and two people finished their books - I hope all the others do before too long. I don't always run workshops where we actually complete things. We covered quite a large number of different techniques in two days.

Then I had to pack it all away for the next two day workshop but as you can see, there was lots of productivity here.

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Heather said...

Those beautiful pages of leaves make me so envious of your students. They have produced such wonderful work - very inspiring too.
New Zealand must be such a beautiful country. I have seen some photos where it looks almost like the UK but it's scenery is very varied, which must make a visit all the more fascinating.


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