Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lake Garda 3

This is the beautiful little spot we walk to in the middle of Cassone on the lake shore. Under the trees is my spot to sit and work ever so slowly on my drawings
contemplating the effort on my creative brain or looking atthe surroundings  
There are loads of flowers out 
In the same spot
The bridge makes it possible for us to get across the inlet - the many cyclists have to hop off and walk in this area
You can never have anough views of the lake
Ian goes on a high walk while I sit and draw
This has been a holiday for getting lost whilst driving but we got to Campione - lovely spot with lots of people swiming etc for a day's outing.
The church at Campione
My little drawing and watercolour at Cassone - day 60 so well over half way  
I am making a book cover to hold allmy Lake Garda drawings. Background stitch is all done so now to the decoration stuff.
Inside our apartment. This really is a great spot


Penny said...

Stunningly lovely, those lovely flowers. Wish I was there. Bit depressing here, bank not being kind.

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Dale is beautiful at you.
I was born in Poland, I lack bergen, forests. because there are only a lot of water in the Netherlands.
Tatry mountains, Karpaty , Sudetey ,Bieszczady , and so on. There is also a lot of forests.
will paste the page you see. You do not know Polish, there is also beautiful,
I greet you ,
I hug heartily,.:)

Unknown said...

Wow Dale this is a really great blog, It was interesting to learn about the life of a textile artist haha and I liked that photo of you looking around at your surroundings. Anyway, haha this was a great read and I hope you add to it in the future.


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