Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Trip to Lake Garda

    We are on a fortnight's holiday - Grant is sailing on Lake Garda next week (and last week as it happens) so we thought we would indulge and come as well. We have been before but not in the summer. 
We landed at 6am in Malpensa - had to wait until 9am to get the hire car and enjoyed 2 cups of coffee while we waited. Things are so much easier these days with the internet - way back on our first visit to London we had to buy sim cards and flap around trying to find somewhere to use the internet etc. Now we all get grumpy if there isn't wi-fi everywhere or if it is slow.   We endured a comedy of errors and it took us 5 hours to drive to Lake Garda - instead of 3. We drove south instead of north - then went to Lake Como instead of the road to Lake Garda - finally got back on track and got ourselves disorganised trying to drive around the wrong side of the lake.   
Here we are lost trying to work out why and where. Anyway we are here and showered and relaxing.  
This is the view from our apartment so it will be swimming in the morning - we have our own private platform if we so wished to sun bathe only we don't but all the way driving up the side of the lake, there were people perched by the water where ever there was a possible space. Hardly any in the water though.  
We have a little island off shore
And here is the view looking to the left.    Lucky us I say - as I am working away on the 100 days project I am planning my days here to be water colour on Khadi rag paper and i have a sitched cover about to be under way as well. Over the way on the other side of the lake there are many people kite surfing - a wonderful view actually. There are also lots of people sailing and kayaking 


Yvonne Berry-Porter Larimore said...

Oh heavenly! I'm glad to hear you both are having a lovely time, the extra driving notwithstanding! As they said on Seinfeld, "Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason" 😀

Heather said...

A fitting reward after all the frustrations of the drive to get there - it all looks so beautiful. I am enjoying seeing your daily paintings and look forward to the ones from Lake Garda. Enjoy.


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