Friday, July 21, 2017

A trip to Verona

Yesterday we went on a trip to Verona - love all the props outside the Arena - when you go to a production you don't think about all the work involved. The opera changes every day. I can imagine the City of Vincent having a fit if this was all around Perth Stadium.
It was stinking hot weather - we decided to check out Juliet's balcony along with 5 million others.   
Spent timelooking in a coffee shop - full of ideas like this - coffee for one or two and all sorts of different tops. Someone has been busy coming up with a new idea. Most of us have cupboards full of stuff we don't use. But it was fun to see. My purchases for the day - 2 pot mits - 1 small useful colander - and my perfume at half what I usually pay on line.  
A prop all ready on the Arena wall
We had dinner before the show where we could sit in air con - very nice meal just what we needed and you simply choose your wine - had a lovely Sicilian red 
Rocking up to the Arena  
Inside the Arena - it wasn't full by any means. We had seats in a great spot for viewing but BOY - so uncomfortable. Fortunately we could all move up and spread our feet out on the seat below and it was so good you forget the pain after a while.  
We saw the modern version of Aida - had no idea - it runs until 23rd (different event every night though) and then the 1913 setting starts. It was fabulous - this was the Nile scene - I loved the colours and especially the friendly crocodiles - they movedthrough the water on skateboards. For us it was an experience of a lifetime - we made it back to Cassone and in bed by 3am. The opera lasted 4 hours.  
My watercolour for the day - a lone geranium - I try
One day I might try tackling a bunch
Another of Ian's photos of Cassone foreshore on our walk back the other night


Heather said...

What a fabulous trip you are having. It all looks fascinating and I love your geranium painting.

Penny said...

Fantastic,sounds relaxing but also entertaining. How is the sailing going?


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