Thursday, August 20, 2015

coming up for air

 It's nearly the end of August and time has simply flown by. We are off to Sydney tomorrow and then driving down to explore the environs before arriving in Berry on Friday to set up for trading at the Berry Quilt Retreat and teaching for me. I am really looking forward to it for all sorts of reasons. I love sharing my ideas and hope that all the class enjoys it - only 2 days so it is always difficult to decide what to do and what to leave out. I am taking lots of samples of things we are not even doing but that's me. Someone is a bit concerned - there is only 1 suitcase out but three boxes have gone and there is activity so maybe Harley is thinking that sending her off with an order might be nice or she is just making sure. We had the show here in Perth two weekends ago and that upset her all the comings and goings. If only we could understand the copious amount of talking she does. Need a google translator.

The show was great - I had my own little area where I did nothing much although I did show many people how to use the flower stitcher and do lots of free stitching on my favorite wash away - Romeo. I didn't do much hand stitching but I had lots for people to look at - this is my Red Obsession for Berry - it is now finished - when do you know you have finished? Certainly been working on it for some time.

 So I have started another to take with me - I have selected some Eleganza and Dazzle to add to my box of tricks and cut and woven a Stonehaven flimsie - of course. I love the rhythm of stitching rows for the first layer.

This is my World of Texture for Berry  - it has more layers and only today so not sure if I will get it finished - the usual lots of work but also new ideas exploring as I go. I will take it any which way

 We gave prizes for two challenges at the show - this was the ATASDA one where they had to use embellished Kunin felt - this was the winning - forgive me becasue I can't find the names of either winner

 this was the doll challenge winner - very topical Bronnie - they had to use thermo felt in their entry. What will I make them try next year?

There are few things I love more than eating - one is being combed and the other is being carted around - I could do this all day except that the humans complain about how heavy I am.

And a close up to show just how much I love this. You can see the piano keys in the background - slowly slowly does it - failing every day but a bit here and there - the left hand is still behind in speed.


Heather said...

You seem to be as busy as ever but obviously enjoying everything. What do we have to order to get that gorgeous cat included in the transaction?!! I love the Texture piece and all it's fascinating layers. Have a great time at Berry - I know you'll create lots of interest.

Virginia said...

Golly! Who would believe that is the scrap of a cat who hid away when you first got her! What a beautiful big girl she is now!


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