Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wet wet wet

We flew to Sydney on Friday but before we left we had to make sure the toilet cistern didn't fall right over in our absence so what better use for the paints in the boxes

I went to a lovely exhibition in Balmain - thanks to Cindy for inviting me, and caught the ferry back

And under the you know what - it was lovely on the harbour

Sunday we drove to Woollongong through the national park - wonderful drive it was - caught up with varsity friends from many years back

In the morning the weather changed somewhat while we were meandering around the lighthouse

And then got worse but it's only rain! And what I haven't heard since I was a little girl

We visited the Buddhist temple - beautiful grounds and drove to Berry because we decided to be central and divert from there if roads were opened etc

We are staying up at Drawing Rooms of Berry in a beautiful spot where I simply love the magnolias - we have two little gem ones at home - the white flowers - but I love these ones

Yesterday lots of roads were under water so we explored Berry and a winery - we have been indulged with a beautiful breakfast - would recommend this place to anyone - and lovely owners as well

The view from our balcony once the rain has gone and the clouds lifted

And another

Red parrots enjoying themselves while we eat breakfast

And some stitching

Now - off to explore

1 comment:

Heather said...

That cistern prop is very ingenious. Great photos of the scenery on your travels. The rain is hammering down here at present so I hope we don't end up with flooding too. Keep safe.


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