Thursday, July 23, 2015

Piano in my mind?

After a twenty or maybe fewer or so years, I have returned to playing the piano - at the end of my hiatus- not sure

First I am cleaning up the keys and running up and down the keyboard playing scales- just major at present - it's amazing how your fingers kinda know where to go although working out the three or four finger change sure works the brain

My left hand is having trouble keeping up with my right but with serious words it will get there

One of my favourites to be re mastered - just slowly slowly

And lots of favourites in here too

Not sure why I have been in this hiatus - intellectual break or what ? Anyway for a 4 year old who was anxious to learn to play the piano and who did pretty well over the years, it is time to get back. Music has and always will be so important to me. Watch this space!

Back to stitching though.


Heather said...

I used to play many years ago and, with regret, we have long since got rid of our piano. I never played well but I imagine you will recover your skills with practice. I had a cousin who studied piano seriously and became quite accomplished. When I was small I loved to listen to her practicing.

Ali Honey said...

Good for you. I hope you get much pleasure out of your playing and practise. I was never that good as I was self taught and had lots of bad habits and wrong fingering. Loved it at the time though. Your hands look lovely and young - unlike my sun damaged ones.
Whitebait fritters ....just makes me hungry...they are yummy. I think it's a Kiwi thing.

Penny said...

Sounds like a lovely thing to get back to, probably a really good brain exercise too. Not so good if you had arthritic hands, probably good exercise for that too!


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