Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas acometh once again

Christmas crept up on us as it does - this year had a rather traumatic beginning which put us a number of days behind, which means we are going to be behind until 2015. More about that in another blog entry because this should be a relaxing happy one. We have had a busy few weeks which we do not complain about and we have even been blessed with the weather not being too hot. We had a couple of bbqs with friends before Christmas and I made my pavlova and cointreau ice cream last Sunday as Kazuko and others came and I know she loves it. Then I made a second one for Christmas Day.

Quite a change in plans for us - usually at home and last year in Broome, this year we went to Hannah's  folks for a wonderfully relaxing and hospitable day. I forgot to take any photos other than Esther's yummy mince pies but I can assure you there was loads and loads of food and good times.

Today being Boxing Day, we are relaxing - Ian and I didn't buy each other any presents for Christmas becasue we just didn't have time but we count all the holidays and trips as special presents and this morning I ordered new outdoor chair cushions online in a sale with free delivery next week. So that will be 4 from me to Ian and 4 from Ian to me at half the price I was thinking of paying last week but didn't have a chance to get to the shop. It's got to be a win win situation.

I hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing day where ever you were. 

I got some wonderful new letter printing blocks this week which will be on the web before too long but I have been having fun using them. You can never have too many letters.


Heather said...

Glad you had a good Christmas Day and I love your sensible way of dealing with (or without!) Christmas presents. Have a lovely rest today and I hope the trauma is past and resolved. Happy New Year.

Penny said...

We tend to think of our Kangaroo Island trip as our present to each other. Sounds like a good Christmas day.


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