Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes I am still here

 As we have continued to have plenty of hot weather, there is always one person who finds the right spots
This is one Harley found this week

 and a very comfy closeup - good excuse not to make the bed I guess until her ladyship is ready for a move

 Last Sunday we went to the new markets at Leederville and very impressed - we stocked up on lots of lovely fresh fruit and veggies  and prawns and coffee - we will be back early tomorrow. Aren't these flowers glorious? They fit our Indian Summer theme to a t
Last Monday - Ian bought me lovely roses because he knew how cross I was going to be - on Tuesday I had to report for jury service - you cannot get out of it in WA - even though I am not an Aust citizen. I see it all as a bullying sort of thing and don't lecture me about how we all should do it - I didn't see a single person looking excited. About 1000 people in a holding pen - I took winding - knitting - words to write - books to read and ignored the very important people bossing people around. People got called for 3 day trials - others got sent home and suckers like me got called for an 8 day trial - all 50 excited people I could see. I didn't have a chance to talk to the judge because I wasn't called but I can say that I have taken the interest to note that the trial has gone 8 days and will be on again on Tuesday. Poor suckers. So the flowers were gorgeous and on Tuesday night we went out to eat at Cocos in South Perth - not been there for a long time.

What have I been doing in my studio? Making a lot of mess - as you can see. Lots of lovely Magical Micas in this picture - they work on every surface I have tried. In front is a laser printed photo transferred onto Evolon - part of my family research stuff. Really enjoying this technique - not crisp like TAP but even looking at this image you can see it has worked pretty well. I have sprayed it with a Moonglow Spray for that silvery effect.

 Bruce's bike room - very neat and tidy - I remember a child whose bedroom drove me nuts.....

Good breakfast made by me - corn fritters - mushrooms and a salad  - much better value than what we had after the markets last Sunday if I may say so.

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