Sunday, January 26, 2014

This is better

 Catching up on my errant ways. I like to blog but time has simply slipped off the radar. We have bought ourselves new chair covers for our favourite little corner - bought them from a place in Sydney but I would never deal with her again. When they arrived (despite sending measurements) they were too narrow across the bottom but do you think she had the manners to reply to my emails? She could have replied and told us that they would stretch into place after a few sittings instead of having us cross and panicking. The other ones we have had for over 30 years and while they still were basically okay, were starting to tear in the corners. So now we are recoloured and revamped. See the chillie plant in the foreground? Very very hot little chillies and many of them.

 Friday night we went to the opening of the Fringe Festival - this was outside the Gardens of Pleasure looking down into town. Plenty of people around - we didn't go to any shows - just checking things out.

 We also went into the Cultural Centre - big queues - best avoided

Back at the Pleasure Gardens

My big desk still awaiting action but loving the transfers onto Evolon  and before anyone asks - that is a boab tree or two. Printing off info about Broome for transferring and colouring with Starburst Sprays. Thinking it might turn into a little book or something. This is such a great transfer idea - simple and easy.

If you like following my recipes, I have added a couple more on my recipe page.

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