Saturday, January 11, 2014

Is it hot today? YES

 It is very hot here today - 44 at least and a record - okay inside but between the house and the studio you wouldn't want to linger. Silly Harley, who is usually sleeping in her box under my desk in the afternoons, decided to lie outside in the sun but even when birds came close she didn't budge. Finally saw some sense and came back inside. I have been very busy this week working on a variety of things as well as proudly having all the clubs away by 10th (a miracle for me) and I finished this book cover for lots of my Kimberly Dreaming pieces.


I had a lot of scraps over - I keep everything when I am stitching and embellishing and as I am working with letters and words quite a bit at present I embellished lots of scraps on a flimsies and laid some scrim over the top then cut out a k and a d and crudely stitched them to one of the pieces I am working on. Lots of potential of ideas on this front.

 And look what turned up yesterday. A lovely gift from Shelagh - so wonderful - Unison pastels.

Lots of playing coming up - and dirty fingers as well. Love new toys.

I am working on another project as well and trying to coax Evolon to shrivel for me. Of course it burns and carves but this is something else for texture.


Heather said...

Hope the temperature drops soon for you - that's a bit much even for me and I like being warm! Love your book cover - gorgeous colours and textures, and so inspiring.

Amanda said...

34 was too much when we were there, 44 would be intolerable! I'm just going to park in front of my log fire!! :-)

Robin Mac said...

Love those Kimberley dreaming colours. 44 is way too hot, but at least you have a much drier heat than we do, the humidity up here is awful. We had temps in the high 30s last week, but then some lovely rain, now it is 31 and a strong breeze, so quite bearable. Cheers

Unknown said...

So glad it's cooled down today. The car temp gauge reckoned it was 46deg at 5pm SOR! Wahey too hot.. I hope we don't get ANY more of those. You did well to do what you did.. I feel like I did almost nothing over the weekend :(
Loving the inspiration for a brightly coloured scrim over another colour... pretty.

Unknown said...

NOTHING is better than a unison pastel :) I love them :) Have fun


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