Saturday, April 06, 2013

It's Saturday again

 It's Saturday again. Can't believe where each day goes. We have been having nasty record temperatures in Perth and when you step outside it is like stepping into the shimmering desert - in April. BUT - I must say that the mornings and evenings are lovely and we really enjoy sitting outside at night and then enjoying a bbq in our lovely back garden. Very easy to feel like royalty in your own kingdom. Talking of kingdoms, I have been busy researching my ancestors and back we go to William of Normandy and loads of others including the King of the Carpark aka Richard 3rd. Ian says it makes sense, cheeky man.  Easy to trace back through my paternal great granny because everyone has info about royalty and wealth etc (shame about the ancestors hung in the Tower and shot out shooting) but there is no info about the common folk. I cannot make any progress with my paternal grandmother can you believe - well her surname WAS Smith but that's no excuse.

Picture above is where I am every morning early swimming my 20 laps

 Great win today by the Hurricanes - well done boys. Sadly the Force fell short again.

 Having fun with my embellisher and flimsies (prefelts I have to remember to call them that) and hand dyed cotton gauze. Plus hand stitch with yummy silk thread. I have made a couple of i- phone holders

Loads to do but you have to take a break and keep the brain busy.


Heather said...

That pool looks so inviting especially in such a warm setting!
My maternal grandmother's surname was Smith - it would be funny if we were related!!
Love your embellished piece and I wonder if I will ever have time to use my embellisher again. One day perhaps.

Maggi said...

Gorgeous embellished phone holders. Do we call you Ma'am now by the way?

Amanda said...

Oooo hark at her! lol.


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