Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Monday again

Time just rolls around. On Friday night we went to Chilli Orange - Kim and Anthony's new restaurant in North Perth - where we were going the night our car was killed. It was fabulous - the restaurant that is - great food and lovely to see them. They work so hard and Anhony is a fabulous chef. He does the best flounder for me.

We still haven't heard from the insurance company so are still driving around in a little No Birds car
I am amazed just how many people in this area know our ha ha car. People keep stopping me all the time and asking where it is or was it really our car on the back of a wreckers truck.

Thanks for all the lovely emails and comments - we have recovered from the burglary but a bit twitchy really - on Sat night there were fireworks out the back somewhere and we were up and alert. We have the studio on alarm at night and gates locked. Have to turn the alarm off every time Harley wants in and out. Harley only ventured back into the studio last night for the first time and very tentative at that.

Rugby was not good this weekend - Hurricanes lost and Force got thrashed.

Been very busy here working on the e mag. It is starting to fall into place but is going to be a little longer. We kinda a lost a week with all the drama but definitely back on track now. I reckon it will be worth the wait. Loads of articles (where is yours Jacinta?) A Challenge -  a free pdf for all subscribers (not saying what on yet but I am working on it) and more. Ian has been very busy tarting up the front page of the website and as soon as the e mag is ready to roll, it will be there in flashing colours.

For that reason I have little to show but I have been very busy - but cannot show.

I have my On The Surface Studio workshop this Saturday - really looking forward to it - should be a fun day.Means I am about to change focus but I have finished all my work for the e mag and about to clear the decks. I have added a second one on 18th May if anyone is interested. Email me anyway.

Off to light the bbq and have a red wine. The butcher gave us 3 instead of 2 sirloins on Friday so I had to go get another one for tonight. I am rolling prunes and walnuts and peach chutney in bacon for starters.

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Heather said...

Your bbq menu sounds delicious. You seem to be as busy as ever and probably more so. Good luck with everything and have a great workshop.


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