Sunday, February 01, 2009

sultry sunday

Yes the heat has returned with 38 tomorrow - continuing thanks for the air con. I have finally sorted out the closure stuff for my latest rust book - just had to use some more of those copper buttons. This is all easy peasy silk paper by the way. No medium.

Ian says thank you all for the kind words - he has 4 lovely bright blue stitches but no photos please. And Maggie - no I didn't but I might have if I had thought of it. I am into what could possibly have been the scene at Mary Queen of Scots beheading. And I discovered that the kitchen mop was broken - shows how much cleaning I do.

I have been Ratty Tattying today and making luscious silk paper and stitching it and other things. It was too hot last night for our bbq but there is a strong sea breeze so we will give it a go tonight. I have even written the newsletter.


HDD said...

Love the look of this piece Dale. The buttons really set it off. Shall have to find a project to use some!
Glad Ian is progressing. Nice blue nylon stitches eh! Easy to take out
Enjoy your BBQ tonite

Heather said...

Here comes another Heather! Love your book cover and the way you have integrated the rusty buttons. The binding is great too. Hope it cools down for you all soon, especially the areas with those awful raging fires. That must be terrifying. Hope everyone is safe.

Judy said...

Hi Dale!

I agree with Ian, I would not like to show anyone my stitches even if they were only on my finger. Love the subtlety of the rust colour pages and super copper buttons.

solange bonnet said...

What a great blog. You are so talented.

Doreen G said...

Tell Ian I will show the scar on my toe if he shows the scar on his hand

Genie said...

Hi Dale
swap you some of our snow for some sunshine lol
love the new piece


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