Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rainbow Comfort Packs

When the chips are down parents need lots of support for dealing with all sorts of things and I found this site for anyone who would like to help Rainbow Comfort Packs

There are so many people who have lost everything and one of the hardest things is losing all your memories - this week has unsettled me somewhat and I have been looking at all my stuff and thinking how precious it all is. I know it's only stuff and you can't take it with you but it does surround you.


HDD said...

Thats the whole point - its just stuff - BUT. We each wonder how we would react & only those affected in this way convincingly know the answer. Unsettling? Yes very much so
Heather QLD

lesley said...

I can't imagine the heartfelt pain of losing everything. Stuff is so important and I'm so guilty of saving everything of any sentimental value. Memories of loved ones and happy events will always be treasured in our minds. Its fabulous making new memories too. Sending positive supportive wishes to all. xx

Heather said...

I have loads of stuff,most of which has only sentimental value, but that is the very stuff which can't be replaced. I know of many people in the UK who want to help those who have lost everything and I think the whole world is getting it's act together to do the same.

Julie said...

I think we all take our stuff for granted. Ro Bruhn made me stop and think when she said a couple of weeks ago that she was taken her special things with her everytime she left home while these fires are ongoing. I could not imagine how you would feel going to work everyday and not knowing whether your home would be there in the evening.

I have posted some links on my blog where crafters can make a practical contribution and I've just made a little doll that will be winging its way to Oz tomorrow. My prayers and hopes are with everyone suffering the fires and the floods.


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