Sunday, February 08, 2009


Quite a few people have asked what a slushie is - it's 15micron merino wool mixed with mulberry silk - Jacinta's lovely daughter Brianna named it for us. Much softer than wool for the embellisher and I love using them - that's why we have them! The one above is Byzantine - aren't they lovely colours - if I may say so myself. Below is a detail. I am hoping all is well at Jacinta and Rae's with the terrible fires in Victoria - they both live out in the area that I saw mentioned in danger zones.


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

what wonderful colours, I love them!!! I don't use a teapot, but I would if I had a teacosy like the one you have made.

HDD said...

Thoufgts are with everyone we know in Vic. I know of people in the "Dog world" who live in the affected areas and I feel so helpless - teary & emotional too,
Can't concentrate on "working" at anything

Heather said...

Those colours of Byzantine slushies are indeed gorgeous. Thanks for explaining them to us. I can't imagine how terrifying those dreadful wildfires must be and we all hope that the weather will change and people will feel safe again. Our sympathies are with those who have lost love ones and our admiration is with all the rescue service men and women.


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