Sunday, April 08, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday 13

Well I am still a week behind but this is my knotted cretan sample. It's an interesting stitch for good coverage and you get into quite a flow. I like using lots of these stitches in a meandering way.

Looks like rain - you never know your luck.

Yesterday we left the sailing of the 18ft skiffs when Grant was back in 2nd place with a couple of longish legs to go and he came 1st - typical Ma and Pa to miss it. Just so we could go and watch the Force being flogged.....


Jenny Walton said...

Love the effect - specially the colour variation.



Waltraud said...

I´ve just discovered your blog, it´s very interesting to see all your art and to learn from you.

Barbara said...

i like this piece!1


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