Saturday, August 13, 2016

Teaching in Toronto

 From San Francisco  we flew to Toronto where I was teaching An Artful Journey at the Canadian Embroiderers Seminar Inspiring Threads - this was in my bag full of delightful goodies.

 And just so you know we were there, Ian spotted this in downtown Toronto.

 On my free day we caught the train to town and road the street car and wore ourselves out walking along the shores of Lake Ontario - it was a very hot day and we got sunburnt. A beautiful lake indeed.

 Alison Cole was also teaching - in the next classroom actually - I am always amazed at the work she does - so productive and so fabulous. I popped into check how hard at work they were. And we appeared to have been shopping at the same shop back in Australia.

 I had a delightful class and they produced some wonderful work. I didn't collect it all together at the end which was bad - on the last day they seemed to be wandering and some left early and caused me confusion. But this is Pat who came tp my class in Victoria.

 Some of the work - we played with silk fibres, prefelts, sari ribbon, paper napkins and lots more.

 We wove, stitched, added metallic flakes, sprayed colour, used stencils

 Everyone created different samples and I hope they all go on to use them in their work. SOme of the work was exquisite.

 Another piece.

 There is always room for paper napkins - they are so versatile for creating layers

 And we laid and couched and buttonholed.

those mapkins can be added in tiny sections or wherever.

 Some more pieces
 And I loved these - you would never believe that this was a napkin with elephants or bears on it - it ended up being perfect for a glacier theme.

 I love this piece - layering and complex detail

This was part of my class - they dispersed all through the last day so I missed the bus on getting them all together. What a delightful group of creative people - Deb - who was our teacher liason and until sharer - was the most wonderful person to have met. This is the last time I have or will teach An Artful Journey - I have developed some different workshops now so I shall cherish my time there.

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Heather said...

What a fantastic workshop you gave, and lovely work from your students. I love the stitched rabbit too.


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